i’m putting the right password but twitter won’t let me log on?


I have to change my password every time i wanna log on. i know 500% that im putting the right info in . should i change my username or something?
CAPS is not on ! i’ve checked

Asked by SincerelyDanielle


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  1. koalynet says:

    Is CAPS on?

  2. Clayton says:

    turn of f caps lock

  3. Lightning Thunder says:

    Most user can experience when they can’t log in try follow this instructio

    Verify your Twitter username and password. Refresh the Twitter home page and try logging in again–sometimes there are too many users trying to use Twitter at the same time. Keep a record of this information saved somewhere that you can easily retrieve it.

    Enable cookies in your browser. (For Twitter to function correctly, your browser must accept cookies.) Click “Tools” at the top of the page, then “Internet Options” if using Internet Explorer. Click the “Privacy” tab, then “Sites.” Verify that Twitter.com does not appear on the Blocked Sites list. Select “Options” if using Mozilla Firefox. Check the “Accept Cookies from sites” box. Click “Preferences” if using Safari, and select “always accept cookies.” Google Chrome automatically accepts cookies from all websites.

    Reset your password. Click “Sign In” on the homepage, then click “Forgot Password?” An email will be sent to you with instructions on how to change your login information.

    If these don’t work go to this link for help


    Good Luck

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