Is it true that the cia spys on our twitter and facebook?

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  1. Tim M says:

    I would think as it is open to the public it wouldn’t be spying. Now if you are asking if they spy on them individually behind the scenes, this is quite possible but who is going to come out and admit to that ? I often wonder who spies on the spy’s ?

  2. George S says:

    Not unless you communicate with foreign terrorists.

  3. SayAgain says:

    I heard yesterday a kid got busted by Parks & Wildlife after posting a picture of all the ducks he shot which was over the limit so now the 15 – 16yr old is facing a fine and possible jail time…

    Another guy got busted that filed for workers compensation after posting a pic of himself sitting in a chair on the beach drinking a beer..

    Never know who is watching…

  4. J Doublej says:

    Facebook founder Mark Zuckerman just announced like within the past 60 days that he had made a deal with DARPA (that’s US Government/CIA) type stuff. That was in all the financial papers.

  5. Bob B says:

    The CIA has better things to do that trawl through millions of facebook pages- and think of how many times they’d have to read things like “wow, got totally smashed this weekend”, or other such nonsense.

    However, if it was interested in a particular individual’s facebook, it would not be hard to access that information. If they were investigating someone who had a facebook profile, they’d probably look at it.

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