is twitters actual support email or is it a scam?


if I email them can they send me my information?
or are they going to steal my password

Asked by dixiechick110


3 Responses to “is twitters actual support email or is it a scam?”
  1. Casca Longinus says:

    This is twitter support:

  2. Mike S says:

    That is a scam….someone is trying to get their ID to look like it’s from twitter…but it’s not……If you do get a message from twitter to okay your activation….it will look something like this >

    You will not be able to reply to it…………and it will have the domain keys verified as the true Twitter.

  3. Kittysue says:

    That is NOT Twitter’s support. This is someone trying to get your information to hack your account

    ALL Twitter emails are from — nothing else

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